20+ Years of Experience

We have experience grooming dogs of many breeds. Our groomers treat your furry friends with the same love and care that we give to our own.

Standard Grooming

Every grooming includes a bath with our Prima bathing system.
We follow up with ear cleaning and nail clipping.

Any service under $25 is cash only

Individual or Added Services

Shed-Less Treatments

Add a Shed-less treatment to any pet grooming and cut down hair shedding by up to 80%

Add on Services

  • Nail Grinding/Trimming
    (please call to let us know you are stopping by)
  • Teeth Brushing
Prima Bating System
We use Prima's environmentally friendly bathing system!
It's benefits include:
  • Cutting shampoo and bathing time in half
  • A non circulating system so your pet is only washed with clean water.
  • A high-pressure application that penetrates to the skin, removing more bacteria, oils, and dirt
  • A pet coat that not only looks clean, but it smells clean for much longer than other cleaning methods. 


Call us with any questions and check our availability.
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